Flebsite launched: kaegi.net

January 19, 2011 by: Christian

It was about time to relaunch my own website. Of course it is now also a flebsite and all content is managed by the Flash CMS Framework.

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7 Responses to “Flebsite launched: kaegi.net”
  1. Excellend job. Keep Flash alive!

  2. Christian says:

    Hi Joel

    Thanks for your comment. This really helps keeping up the motivation! :-)

  3. Joey (again) says:

    Awesome site, definitely going to check out what Fleb is. The gallery viewer for the graphic design work is awesome, and you have some awesome graphic designs in there to display :D !


  4. Christian says:

    Hi dinesh

    Have a close look at the code of the demo flebsite, if you want to have the navigation at an absolute position, eg. at the top, just take it out of the main conatiner. I cannot provide you the download-link, I first have to fix the docs site, at it has been hacked…

  5. dinesh says:

    Hi flebber.. :)
    I got the solution for using single language.. website.
    thanks for your online xml editor as well :)

  6. dinesh says:

    Hi Bro.. !!
    it is a rocking website sorry flebsite !!! a good product as well, am comparing gaia with fleb.., but fleb stops my way to move towards gaia.. it was a great effort for the framework and seo automation as well, Pls let me know 2. how can i customize scripts in order to get full screen(table cloth :) ) website with the center contents fixed for a resolution, 2. how can i take navigation bar to the top of the screen, 3. how can i restrict language for only one language or no language so that it resembles noflash.php as well.. sorry may be these are silly things for you.. but it gives an idea to work with your framework, thanks.. :)

  7. mike schwarz says:

    hi mister kaegi – cool website – another master piece of mister flash :-)
    i like the contact… how long it took you not to smile once at the camera ?

    wish you a great time.


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